How does it work ?

Luxothèque is above all a simple and secure process
Choose the model that you like for the length of time that suits you. Pay online and leave a deposit.
On the day you picked, go to one of our partnering watchmaker to grab your piece. Everything is checked with you in a safe place with complete confidence.
Live, have fun, show yourself. Do not worry because your watch is insured against all kind of accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any conditions required to rent an item at Luxothèque?

Yes, there are 3 conditions :

You must be able to leave a deposit (not banked)

You must be 18+ to register

Your ID must get a verification 


Which supporting documents should I provide?

In order to confirm your registration we must receive an identity document (picture of your ID or passport)

To ensure proper record-keeping, we may require a proof of residency.


How do you check my identify?

Your documents are verified by our partner Everycheck, an online service that verify references and identities. 


How is my deposit calculated? 

The deposit is calculated according to the value and rarity of the piece.

Most of the time, the deposit represents 20% to 60% of the price. 


Why should I leave a security deposit?

Your deposit can be retained to cover any major damage or small repairs (glass polishing, bracelet replacement…) We will suggest the repairs on a quote. Your deposit will obviously be retained in case of unjustified loss. 


Once I have chosen my watch where can I collect it ? 

Pick up your watch at one of our partners’ places such as L.Barrier jewelry store at 131 rue de Vaugirard – 75015 Paris.


How should I return my watch?

You must return the watch to our partnering watchmaker. The condition of the piece will be evaluated and your deposit unlocked.


Where do our pieces come from?

We are currently working with a professional network of jewelry and watchmakers who provide new and second-hand pieces.

These pieces are constantly restored into good condition in order to offer you the best quality every time you are renting an item.

We also give private owners the opportunity to entrust us with their pieces and we take care of them the exact same way for each rental.


How are your watches insured? 

Our watches are insured by Gras Savoye against any direct material damage, including theft, deterioration or loss*.

Once you receive the item we’ll ask you to sign a code of practices in which you commit yourself to taking good care of the given piece.

Then the watch is under your responsibility so you must not loan it nor entrust it to a third party.

  • within the terms and conditions of the current contract.


The watch I want is not on your website, what should I do?

You can send us a message at and we will look for it. We can’t promise to find it but we’ll do everything we can.


What should I do if I want to keep my watch longer?

If you want to keep your watch longer you should inform us as soon as possible (as long as the piece is available) and we will send you a new lease.

Every two months the item should go back to Luxothèque in order for us to perform a check on it.


What should I do if I want to buy the watch I am currently renting?

If you fall in love with your watch we make sure you will have the best purchasing terms. Obviously we will also take into account the price you paid when you rented it and subtract it from the purchasing price.

If the watch belongs to an individual owner and he does not want to sell it we will do everything in our power to find you the identical replica.


I am late to return my watch, is it a big deal ? 

If you are stuck in traffic or you have missed your flight, do not panic. Call us as soon as possible (+33 (0)6 522 500 50) and we will inform our partnering watchmaker.

If your delay exceeds 24 hours, you will be charged (the price of your watch per day + 10% late fee). For example, if you return your watch on Thursday morning instead of Tuesday morning and its daily price is 47€, you will be charged 47×2 + 10% : 103,40€.

After a delay of 72 hours without hearing from you the watch will be considered stolen and your deposit will be cashed by Luxothèque. 


How to rent my watches through Luxothèque?

Contact us or go directly to the dedicated section. 

Once we have confirmed that your item can complete our collection, we will offer you a price range for its rental.

If you are interested we will give you an appointment with an expert watchmaker to make a precise estimation. He will set its value regarding with the insurance and will determine your wage per rental day.


What commission do you take to rent my watch?

We do more than just rent your watch. When you entrust us with it, you benefit from a real dedicated service : guarding your piece into a safety-deposit box if you ask for it, managing your rentals, optimal guarantee and reconditioning (including for the bracelets and chains if necessary)…

We give you from 40% to 60% of the rental price depending on the rarity of your timepiece and the demand.


Why did you decline my watch?

We add to our catalog timepieces that are trendy, fashionable or timeless.

We may decline your watch if we already have it in stock!


If I entrust you with my watch how will it be maintained?

If you choose to entrust us with one or more watches, we will take care of them as ours : we will keep them into a safety-deposit box, we will recondition them after each rental (cleaning, technical revision if needed…). If necessary we can also send it back to the brand’s workshop (with your agreement).

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